how important it is to have a healthy diet

so let's learn how important it is to have a healthy diet. healthy and complete diet so we feel good that does not go well. At school, be very good at sports and make us sick much less. so it's important that we ask ourselves how we eat. what is a food? Food is everything that we eat and that makes in our body a work of news the elements perform three jobs on us it gives us energy construction in their body and they make us grow energy foods provide energy and thanks to her we can perform different activities happen to play study read build the nutrients of the food are those that allow the formation of our teeth the vehicles and the nervous system they make us grow the food are very important I know that they are the fuel that our body needs to grow strong maybe but and it happens if we feed poorly our growth can be stopped can lower our ability to learn and can lower the defenses of our body concurrimos more risk of getting sick so we must feed good in all meals I know if it is the most important one you should demand and cereals like oats milk orange juice the energy of these foods will be our brain and our muscles in the school at the time of recreation the energy we gain in consumption begins to end hunger in a sign that our body is there are still more nutrients, lunch is one of the main meals and that's why we should add tasty and nutritious ingredients should include yes or yes mexicali fruits for peace rice or pasta red meats has been Dairy fisherman was not injured at the time of the snack and dinner is important to keep remembering what we learned to Beijing there is a very easy rule that we can use the rule of 80 of every ten items that you eat during the day according to official figures necessary although you do not have to take them in the basement lunch the snack the other two can be part of your food preferred like all those that you like so much water we have a very important nutrient so that our body can get energy and it will work and well the amount of water we need It is 2 liters per day which is equal to pucho full glasses the water was desigando in different ways we take water without realizing with the milk when that happens with the soup and even with a Milanese we also owe it as natural water with other drinks such as juices fruits, soy milk just like we take care of ourselves We must take care of the environment for this we can do some things for example not to leave the taps there use the sheets of paper from both sides do not throw papers to the floor turn off the lights and electrical things that we are not using and take care of the trees of the school of the square and of the house our clinical planet more waste is to say more garbage the garbage against me that's why when we go into the very easy one we can put into practice for collaborate with the environment the rule of the three reduced r to use neither recycle reduce It means trying to use less things that come in disposable containers reusing is for example reusing returnable glass containers and shopping bags that we have at home recycling is for example separating the inorganic garbage on elements fruit shells paper cards etc. etc. garbage inorganic like plastic glass cans little reason that is to recycle those harness the mind materials that would form garbage and contaminate the medium now stress we do everything learned the 80 percent rule in October with other preferred elements always that is in the proper proportion if you got two liters of water exercise inform take care of the environment by reducing recycling and reusing waste