Guide to Healthy Eating: How to Eat Healthy (3)

stock your pantry and your freezer

keeping some healthy staples on hand in your pantry and your freezer can be a huge help when time is not on your side I know for myself I love to have things in my pantry like tuna salmon canned soups beans and olives and then in my freezer I always have Rosen fruits frozen vegetables some type of frozen brown rice or frozen quinoa I also like to keep veggie burgers in the freezer and I have these cauliflower custom pizzas that we like to have in the freezer and so this way when you're in a pinch you know you've got something that you can lean on and you can also use these items to build a meal with some of the fresh ingredients you may have in your fridge.

 Follow your hunger

so many people are in the habit of eating according to a clock or according to a diet plan or according to what the experts tell them that we become very out of touch with our natural built-in biological signs that tell us when we are hungry because yes the body does know when it needs food and it does feed us signals to let us know and reconnecting to the system is your best bet for long-term effortless healthy eating habits because once you've reconnected to it you don't have to think about it so much you just kind of feel it so a good little tool to try to practice this would be if you think you're hungry but you're not sure ask yourself would I be willing to eat an apple if the answer is yes you're probably hungry and if the answer is no you may not be hungry yet so you just wait a little longer and then pose the same question again this is a practice so it's gonna take a little bit of time it's like doing a little dance with yourself so don't be in a hurry give yourself the time and the space to figure it out.

so often when we are trying to create some type of change

we do it from a place of I need to have to or I really should and what you need to recognize is that number one that's not true and number two those thoughts are very stressful remember that you are perfect beautiful worthy and valuable just the way you are no need to change a thing unless of course you want to and if you do want to then ask yourself why make sure that that desire is coming from a place of love connecting to your why why you want to create the changes that you want is really important because it will serve as your anchor as you move through creating new habits and lifestyle changes for yourself so once you identify that why what I would do is write it down on a piece of paper and then make sure that you take a look at it and read it every morning and every evening so that you're keeping your mind aligned in the direction of what you want and where you are headed.

it's not just about the plate

when it comes to healthy eating so many of us get very laser focused on the food that's on top of our plate. But we have to remember that we get nourished by a lot of things in life right so how we eat why we're eating where we're eating who we are eating with all of these components can create a healthy or unhealthy eating environment so for example imagine that you're wanting to eat healthier and you're like I have to do this I know I really should do this so I'm gonna go get that organic non-gmo chicken with the steamed broccoli and I'm gonna eat it and I don't really love it but I know that it's healthy and I'm not really enjoying it but I'm gonna do it anyway because I really have to get healthy right I want you to notice that why I want you to notice that while you may be avoiding those toxins on your plate you are still creating toxins in the body as a result of your toxic thinking this scenario does not create a healthy eating environment now on the flipside imagine that you're at your mom's house and you're with your family who you love very much and your mom is making one of your favorites from childhood it's her lasagna and it's got lots of white flour and lots of cheese and lots of meat and when your mom cooks it she makes it with so much love and when you eat it you enjoy it so much and you are so present with this meal and you enjoy every bite and you're really getting pleasure from the meal and from everybody that sharing this meal with right everybody at the table so what's happening here is maybe it's not the world's healthiest food on the plate but you're having this very healthy nourishing eating experience so what I want you to do is pay attention to why you're eating where you're eating who you're eating with the stories you're telling yourself about the foods that you choose to eat and of course as often as possible try to eat in environments and with other people who feed and nourish you as well and my final tip is to stay easy and I think this may be the most important of all of them because I think a lot of times when we're trying to do better and we're trying to make a change with our food that we tend to get very militant and we tend to push push push and try try try and willpower our way to the other side and what I want to remind you of is that there really is no rush and there is no finish line and there is no gold medal when you get there so what you want to do is learn to be patient and easy and kind and soft and curious with yourself on the journey because in so many ways learning to eat better and take great care of your body it's really just a way of creating a more intimate relationship with yourself it's like getting to know you and your body just a little bit better and seeing what works for you and seeing what feels the best for you right so we can do all of this without being critical and without being hard on ourselves and really just give ourselves again that permission and that space to learn and adapt to new habits and new lifestyle changes so that's what I have for you guys I hope you find some of those tips to be helpful my intention here at clean and delicious is to help make healthy eating easy and enjoyable so if you know anybody who's trying to transition into healthier eating.