Guide to Healthy Eating: How to Eat Healthy (2)

Guide to Healthy Eating: Have some back pocket recipes

When you are transitioning into healthy eating, it is so helpful to have a handful of recipes that you know, that you like and that you can make in a reasonable amount of time. So I recommend having a few BPR s for breakfast lunch and dinner and then slowly but surely as you experiment with new things when you have a keeper you can add it into your back pocket. This way when you feel like you don't have any time to think you can always lean on this list to help you stay aligned with your goals.

Guide to Healthy Eating: Learn to read your labels

Learning how to read your labels is a the easy way to recognize what's going into your body. A great general rule of thumb to follow is to simply focus on the ingredient list.  You want that list to be 5 ingredients or less. You want to make sure that each ingredient you can read recognize and pronounce.

Guide to Healthy Eating: Avoid highly processed foods

Now just to be clear a lot of healthy foods are slightly processed. For example oatmeal is slightly processed quinoa. It is so lightly processed. Frozen vegetables are so lightly processed. I mean basically if it's not coming straight from the farm or the field it's going to begin a series of processing. But these slightly processed foods are not the foods that I am referring to and they are certainly not the foods that you need to be concerned about the foods that you want to be avoiding are those very highly processed foods these are the foods that are going through lots of steps and lots of processing before they ever make it to your plate some people like to call them frankenfoods these are basically foods that are made in the factories and here's the thing the real problem with these foods is that they are so concentrated in fats sugars and salts that they really wipe out your palate because they're bombarding the tastebuds with this concentration of fashion or salt and so we can't appreciate the natural flavor and subtleties of real Whole Foods and I do think that this is why healthy eating gets a bad rap so if you find that you do eat a lot of highly processed foods what you want to start to do is baby step your way out of that so you can start to appreciate real whole subtle flavors again and of course you want to work on learning how to infuse lots of flavor into your foods with herbs and spices and by watching lots of clean and delicious videos

Avoid artificial flavors sweeteners and non-fat foods

these artificial flavors and sweeteners they are literally designed to bypass the logical part of brain and trigger. All of those pleasure points in the brain so what happens is you find yourself wanting more and more and more. You don't really even know why you kind of feel like you're not in control of the whole show because sorta you're not and because it's not really real food your body is not really even sure what to do with it plus we tend to play this little psychological game with ourselves when it comes to fake sugars and nonfat foods which is well it doesn't really count so I can have more of it and I know but all my dieters out there know exactly what I am talking about and studies have shown that eating artificial sweeteners actually creates more desire to eat more sugar so we actually end up cutting our nose off to spite our face

Practice meal prepping

You don't have to have a Instagram or Pinterest. Ready fridge right. I know that's what a lot of people think when we think about meal prepping. But I do think it's a good idea to get in the habit of learning how to cook once and then eat two or three four times.  Because this is gonna save you a lot of time and a lot of sanity in the long run. You could start off really easy so maybe you just make one big pot of soup. Then you use that for some lunches or for some dinners during the week or maybe you just set yourself up with some overnight oats. You have your breakfast all ready to go I know how helpful meal prep can be so I do have a meal prep playlist if that's something that you're working on. You need a little more inspiration make sure to reference that I will of course leave a link down in the description box below.