Guide to Healthy Eating: How to Eat Healthy (3)

stock your pantry and your freezer

Keeping some healthy staples on hand in your pantry and your freezer can be a huge help when the time is not on your side. I know for myself I love to have things in my pantry like tuna salmon canned soups beans and olives. And then in my freezer, I always have Rosen fruits frozen vegetables. Some type of frozen brown rice or frozen quinoa. I also like to keep veggie burgers in the freezer. I have these cauliflower custom pizzas that we like to have in the freezer. So this way when you're in a pinch.

Guide to Healthy Eating: How to Eat Healthy (2)

Guide to Healthy Eating: Have some back pocket recipes

When you are transitioning into healthy eating, it is so helpful to have a handful of recipes that you know, that you like and that you can make in a reasonable amount of time. So I recommend having a few BPR s for breakfast lunch and dinner and then slowly but surely as you experiment with new things when you have a keeper you can add it into your back pocket. This way when you feel like you don't have any time to think you can always lean on this list to help you stay aligned with your goals.